Saturday, February 2, 2013


Being the new kid on the block is not easy. When I started breeding Kinder there were few that had ever heard of the Kinder goat. I attended every event that would allow me to hand out literature about the Kinder goat and talked to anyone willing to listen. I heard all kinds of things, that this goat would never succeed and that there would never be any consistency in the breed. For the most part the dairy goat industry was not willing to accept this Kinder goat with many Nubian breeders not willing to share their genetics if they were to be used to create the Kinder goat.  Pygmy breeders were in general more open minded. I like to think that today those Nubian breeders that allowed me their genetics are now as proud as I am of the Kinder goat.

The Small Farmers Gatherings were being held in different places in Missouri. It was free and since I had no money to promote this little goat this is where I began. I have such fond memories of these gatherings. Printed up all kinds of articles on the Kinder goat, set up in one of their tents and started passing out Kinder goat information. They had all sorts of things going on regarding work horses, plowing and disking fields and other horse related work. We were allowed to camp out for free so we sometimes slept in the car. My sister-in-law loved to accompany me on these excursions. Later as Kinder goat popularity grew with more breeders we set up at bigger events.

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