Friday, February 1, 2013

What has been happening with the Kinder goat? Kinder® is now trademarked! Some may not agree with this but it was done to protect the breed and the breeder. If you are new to this wonderful breed then it should help you by knowing right away if the goats you are buying are truly Kinder goats. If they are not registered or cannot be registered with the KGBA then they are not Kinder goats. Be sure to ask this question before buying animals.

I plan to show some of the Kinder goat history in future posts. This will be a view of the Kinder goat as I have experienced it and the way I see this little dual purpose goat thru my eyes.

I believe that the most important thing in breeding the Kinder goat is to keep consistency in your herd. This is a dual purpose goat for both milk and for meat. You need to keep the milking genes and also those genes that produces meat. For the Kinder to compete in the goat world it also must have excellent conformation which among others things will allow it to win in the showring. I have had others to say that this is not possible but it is possible and can be easily done.

One of my first Kinder does. First generation, Bramble Patch Kinder Frosted Lace.

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